A bilingual actress and creative artist, Beatrice graduated from Kingston College (University of West London) with a 1st class honours degree in Acting for Stage and Media in 2016. Since graduation she has been working on getting funding for a show she wrote and created together with her theatre company ( co-founded), called Eye Opening Theatre. 


Whilst in university, Beatrice was in a number of amateur theatre productions (Into the Woods being one of them) at Youth Action Theatre and college-run showcases. She was also in a number of student films and in a professional production of Addams Family the musical, in collaboration with Big Red Box Theatre Co. 


Beatrice plays the piano to Grade 8 level and teaches it to beginner and intermediate students. She has also been trained in singing (musical theatre/pop). Apart from English, Beatrice speaks Romanian, which is her native language, and Spanish in a conversational level. She can speak with a Standard English and RP accents, as well as with an Eastern European (Romanian, Russian) accent. She is also trained in unarmed combat and rollerskating.