Elisa Mammoliti

Elisa originally comes from Italy. She is an actress/singer who fluently speaks English, Italian And French. She graduated from London School of Musical Theatre in 2017 and she previously trained at Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts for one year.

Before moving to London in 2015, she obtained a BCs degree in Economics and Management from Bocconi University in Milan.

Her credits while training include the roles of Jacques in “King of Hearts” (Bridewell Theatre), Annie in “The Faith Machine”, Lucretia in “Hope” and Ophelia in an extract of “Hamlet”.

While in Italy she performed in the musicals “Ahi...Love you” (Teatro Libero, Milan) and “Truth, Beauty, Freedom and Love”. She also took part in the movie “Le Kiss Noir”.

Elisa plays the piano and she trained in ice skating for many years.