Ilisander is a Greek/Albanian actor. Born in Albania, he lived there until the age of 8. In 1995 his parents moved to Greece for a better future.

At the age of 23, Ilisander decided to pursue his dream, to become an actor. He registered at the drama scool ‘Acting Anatomy’. Under the guidance of his teacher Roula pateraki, Ilisander acquired the useful tools which he can use to unlock the plays of the universal theatrical dramatists.

Ilisander studied for three years. On the second year of his studies, Ilisander became a member of the street theatre company ‘HELIX’. With Helix, Ilisander performed in different cities of Greece. Helix also took part in the ‘International street theatre in Bucharest’ in 2012.

Ilisander has portrayed some important roles on stage such as: Aegisthos in Aeschilus’ Oresteia. The man in ‘The man with the flower in his mouth’, Earnest in ‘The importance of being earnest’, madman in ‘To Damascus’ directed by his own teacher. In 2014 Ilisander took part as a member of the chorus in ‘Peloponnisian War’.

‘Attempt number one’ is a short movie in which Ilisander portrays different characters.