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Currently based in London, Portuguese-born Inês is able to speak and write in Portuguese, Spanish and French as well as English. From the young age of 8, Inês has loved singing and has been a lead vocalist in numerous pop/rock bands.

As an actor, Inês trained in Musical Theatre at the EDSAE Musical Theatre School (Lisbon) for 3 years, then moved to London and trained intensively at the American Musical Theatre Academy for another year, with teachers such as Alice Fearn, Luis Garcia, Ryan Forde-Iosco, Clare Foster and Mark Goldthorp. She began acting from the young age of 15, first in amateur musical productions, then in professional plays and musicals and has been fortunate enough to share the stage with some incredible professionals such as Madalena Alberto, Sofia Escobar and John Owen-Jones.

As well as being an actor, Ines has worked as a production assistant, playwright and songwriter. She is very passionate about theatre and the arts in general, being a highly creative and able individual, and hopes to bring her original works to the stage very shortly. 

Inês also trained as Fine Artist at the University of Lisbon and has worked and exhibited in art galleries and fairs for several years. She also holds a Masters in Art Markets Management, having worked as a curator and manager in a top Lisbon Art Gallery for many years. As well as an artist, Inês is also a skilled graphic designer with over 12 years experience designing advertisements, art catalogues, logos, theatre show and exhibition posters. Due to her gift with languages, Inês has also consistently gained work as a translator for over a decade.