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Hailing from the small village of Tarleton, Sherwood Alexander trained with the Fourth Monkey theatre company in London, and has worked with Paul Harris, Mitch Mitchelson, Rob Leonard and Antonio Fava. During his time with Fourth Monkey he has been on stage portraying Hamlet, Val Xavier in Orpheus Descending, Supervacuo in The Revenger's Tragedy, and Pablo Picasso in The Peculiar Tale of Pablo Picasso and the Mona Lisa.

Since graduating, He has performed in Lazarus Theatre's musical The Beggar's Opera, playing the role of Macheath, and recently filmed for ITV Studios' upcoming Autopsy: The Last Hours Of... in which he'll be portraying the role of business entrepreneur Steve Jobs. He is also an illustrator, musician, a writer and director and had work of his own that has been put on stage.