Sammie Winmill

Sammie Winmill is best known for her role as Carol in Thames Television's, 'The Tomorrow people' in the 1970s. 

In the year 2000 Sammie became a founding member of Feminenza and shortly after, became one of it's qualified practitioners. Feminenza is an inspiring programme  designed to harmonise the three main actresses within each female gendered human being. One of Feminenza's major focusses is the area of ‘Forgiveness’. Sammie designed and lead her own workshops called, 'Can you let go?’. She has always used drama, dance and song as a medium, within these sessions, in order to allow people to experience the feelings, strengths and natures that this quality of Forgiveness can liberate, rather than it being an intellectual exercise.

After her initial success in the 1970’s, Sammie took a career break to explore philosophy and Sacred Dancing. In Sammies words, "It has been an extraordinary journey", she says, "and one that still continues in its elevation and inspiration.”