Madelyn Smedley has only gone and made ABC Discovers UK Top 10!

RD Castings Madelyn Smedley has smashed it and became a top 10 Finalist in the recent ABC Discovers UK competition!

ABC Discovers UK Top 10

Originally entering after her friend made her aware of the competition on twitter, Madelyn quickly created a self tape and submitted. This is ABC's first year for this competition and the winner gets a 1 year contract on an ABC TV Series. How cool is that!?

Want to check out Madelyn's entry. See hers and the other finalists here:

Well done Maddy, we are all super excited for you here at RD Casting!

Ruth Lockwood performs in Charity Concert - Save The Grand

RD Castings very own, Ruth Lockwood has a special gig lined up in November at Doncaster's Diamond Live Lounge on the 21st November. 

Performing in the charity concert titled, "Save The Grand", Ruth is doing what she can to help the concerts aim of raising money to purchase and restore the Doncaster Grand Theatre that has fallen into disrepair over time. 

The event is happening on the 21st of December so if you are nearby, please do what you can to help out such a great cause. 

Well done Ruth for making us proud here at RD Casting - Book tickets now.

Luke Simnett Performs at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 'The Local'

Are you heading to the Edinburgh Fringe this year? Planning to take in a show or two? Why not go and see Luke Simnett of RD Casting in the show about the demise of Britains local pubs in a play called the Local?

What is the local about, read for yourself: 

Liz has managed her pub for over 15 years, only to be told that it's been sold to a property developer who plans to shut it down and put her out of a job. With her regulars, Liz starts a campaign to save her pub, but can she beat a system that's beaten so many before? A new musical about community, change and the demise of the Great British pub.

Want to know more or book tickets?

Check it out and support Luke and RD Casting now:

Chris Mawson drives his theatre companies forward with new productions

Folks at RD Casting love to get involved with all things acting and this is evident with RD Castings Chris Mawson. He doesn't sit still for a second. The sheer amount of productions his two theatre companies are producing. 

Originally founded in Tallinn, Estonia, Romantika is a theatre, performance, and visual arts company based in London, UK.

With performers and a creative team from both the UK and Sweden, Romantika aims to create unique, visually striking and international performance work that reflects our current time. 

All productions are devised by the performers in the ensemble.

RD Castings Akari Ackerman enjoys shoot on undisclosed project

RD Castings Akari Ackerman has done well to secure a roll on the production...well, we can't actually say just yet! 

But here is a fantastic picture of Akari getting ready to go on to the set. 


Well done Akari, we all hope you smashed it on set! All of us here are very proud of you. 

Once we can release more details we will. Watch this space....

RD Casting Welcomes Justin 'The Hammer' Sysum to its Talent Base

RD Casting is pleased to welcome on board Justin 'The Hammer' Sysum to its talent base. 

Justin is an actor and successful pro-wrestler featured on WWE and is building on his strengths as an action film actor. You may recognise him most recently as Hawkeye on the Marvel Live european tour where he put his action and stunt specialisms to good use. 

Justin will be appearing as the role of Gwyn in the Welsh drama Bang later on this year. 

Congratulations Justin on joining this fantastic family of talent. We are very excited to have you on board. 

Great Success with RD Castings Integrated Industry Training Workshop

RD Casting is an agency dedicated to developing its talent and nurturing it as it grows. As such it is no surprise that the recent Integrated Industry Training (IIT) held by RD Casting affiliates Michael Moor (Head of RD Casting), Stephen King (Vocal Coach) and Ameer Choudrie (Actor) was a roaring success.

The 3 day course aimed at preparing students for drama school auditions was held at the prestigious Henley College and focused on 3 areas of training: 

  • Acting Prep
  • Song and Voice
  • Dance and Performance

Certified upon their completion, the successful cohorts were left with the knowledge and support to take on those critical auditions.

Due to the huge success of this endeavour to support the wider industry, RD Casting are actively looking for locations for both 1 day and 3 day workshops to further help the industry. 

All offers will be greatly received and can be presented by emailing RD Casting at:

Evi Stamatiou performs Caryatid Unplugged at Migration Matters Festival

RD Casting wants to congratulate our very own Evi Stamatiou for a job well done in performing her show Caryatid Unplugged at the Migration Matters Festival recently. 

Caryatid 1.jpg
Evi Stamatiou creates a world of bubbly satire that turns the current Greek economic collapse into a metaphor for the rest of us Europeans... her infectious delivery wins over the audience. Under the slapstick, the finger stays firmly on our political pulse, and towards the end the message suddenly becomes shockingly clear when the spotlight turns on the exploitation at the heart of Europe’s dark underbelly
— The Stage **** for Caryatid Unplugged

Check out Evi's other amazing work on her website:

Claire De Belloy aka Queen Clairie performs in Paris for her new album release

Claire De Belloy of RD Casting, more commonly known by her stage name Queen Clairie, is creating quite a buzz with her new album release, Happiness Is A Choice.

Described as a great mix between Adele and Carole King, she certainly knows how to create impactful, upbeat and at times haunting music. 

Striking while the iron is hot from her latest release, she is currently touring France and captivating audiences across the country with her unique blend.

Watch Queen Clairie performing on tour below:

Want to see more? Take a peek over at her website for more details:

Congratulations Queen Clairie on your latest release and tour. All of us here at RD Casting couldn't be prouder of you!

RD Casting's Tonia Nee - DJ Success

RD Casting's own actress and DJ, Tonia Nee, has been drumming up quite the interest in the DJ scene. 

Recently performing at the Gateway Launch Party she rocked the house with her quality beats causing quite the storm on the dance floor. 

Check Tonia out on Soundcloud -

Keep up the amazing work Tonia!

Grace Russell to feature in new comedy musical about grabbing...Um...what!?

Don't miss your chance to see Grace Russell of RD Casting performing at 'The Space' in a new, surreal comedy musical about grabbing pussy. Yes we said that right, grabbing the *cough* pussy *cough*.

If you hadn't clicked, the show is rather suitably titled, 'Grab Em By The Pussy' and will be running from 11th July - 16th July.

Book a ticket now to go and see Grace live:

Grace, do us all here at RD Casting proud and go and grab that pussy. Well done girl!

Twitter: @GrabEmByTheMeow

RD Casting goes from strength to strength with the latest Talent intake

RD Casting continues its successful momentum by welcoming some fresh and exciting new talent on to its books in its latest drive.

Congratulations and welcome aboard the RD Casting train!







Shining Reviews for RD Castings Drew Paterson in 'Mr Gillie' at Finborough Theatre

Currently performing as The Judge in James Bridie's 'Mr Gillie' at Finborough Theatre, Drew is creating a storm as is the whole production and cast. Here's a snippet from a review by London Pub Theatres:

The acting in this production is superb, from Mr Gillie played by Andy Sercombe to the cameo role of The Judge played by Drew Paterson. The understated and quiet tones of the judge played beautifully against the loud and frenetic humans below.
— London Pub Theatres
Drew Paterson playing The Judge in Finborough Theatre's Mr Gillie.

Drew Paterson playing The Judge in Finborough Theatre's Mr Gillie.

Well done Drew, everyone here at RD Casting are super proud to see your quality and talent shining through in your latest endeavour. 

Why not see what all the fuss is about for yourself. Book tickets here:


The breathtaking talent of RD Castings, Maria Theresa Rodriguez aka MeMe Detroit, is set to release her new single, How She Runs, on July 28th!


What does every good single need? A good video! You can help Maria create the epic video that deserves to be with her captivating new single by supporting her Pledge campaign here: Every little helps. 

Want to see what MeMe Detroit has been doing before, check out this great article in the "Express & Star" and the awesome reviews below. Check her out performing Live!

Way to rock it MeMe Detroit!


"...'Live to Love…’ is one of those rare albums which could just as easily sit on an Indie playlist as on a Rock list." - Rich Hobson, Uber Rock

"....a deliciously throwback 90s grunge vibe that would make even the sharpest of hairs stand up on the backs of necks.." - Leigh Sanders, Express & Star

"So there’s a bit of a buzz surrounding this next artist, and it’s getting louder and louder." - Joanne Kendrick, Mosh magazine

"...with a musical style reminiscent of The Smashing Pumpkins and Incubus. Her vocals draw out the 90’s Alt Rocker in you.." - Mica Hamilton, retrograde.

"From her opening gambit of “Let’s get you fuckers to the front!” Detroit had the audience in the palm of her hand" - James Holder, Musical Outcast

RD Casting Welcomes Raft of New Talent

RD Casting is proud to welcome the following great new talent to its network. 

Elaine O'Dwyer

Meet Irish red head actress and writer Elaine.

A Guildford School of Acting graduate, Elaine recently appeared in the one act play "6 Degrees" at the Courtyard Theatre in Hoxton. She also plays guitar, writes her own songs and sings them. Check out her cover of "Little Bird" below.



Natasha Wynn

British actress, singer and dancer Natasha Wynn is a graduate of London Studio Centre and an MA graduate from the prestigious Guildford School of Acting.

Natasha is a versatile performer. While at GSA, Natasha worked with directors such as Pete Gallagher, Nicholas Tudor, Kenn Oldfield, Michael Vivian. She was also dance captain for her last two GSA productions.

Natasha has been described as a very watchable and honest actress with a great stage presence. She is professional, open and always has something to offer. 

Barnaby Lawrence


Emily Power

Both graduates of Portsmouth University and talent spotted by Head of RD Casting, Michael Moor, RD Casting is proud to have the up and coming youthful talent of actor Barnaby Lawrence  and actress Emily Power in its midst

Congratulations to all of you for becoming part of the RD Casting team. We are excited to have you on board.

RD Casting Welcome Associated Studios Graduate - Suzie Thorn

RD Casting would like to formally welcome new talent, an Associated Studios graduate, Suzie Thorn.

An interesting fact about Suzie, she is an expert bagpipes player!

Congratulations Suzie and welcome to the RD Casting family


Carn's Theatre Passion interview Micheal Moor

Carn's Theatre Passion interview Micheal Moor

You will have recently seen my articles on Red Door Productions and Casting Limited. With the announcement of their 3 day intensive course, I wanted to find out more from agent and owner Michael Moor. Below are his answers to my questions to do just that.

Tell me about your vision for your 3 day intensive course Michael?

Having sat on audition panels for over 25 years – I have seen too many very talented young people make obvious and often silly mistakes at audition. The aim, vision and inspiration for my Audition Busters workshop is to shed light on the drama school audition format, process and etiquette. And in short to enable the student to focus and be mentally prepared for the audition process.

How will it benefit its candidates – what can they expect?

My 3 day workshop will cover the key elements of a drama school audition:

  1. The application and personal statement.
  2. Audition materials and the presentation/performance of songs, monologues and movement/dance.
  3. The final interview process.

I expect the candidates to gain a clear understanding of the task ahead of them so that they are not phased by the real thing!

Audition Busters – will essentially be running ‘mock’ auditions and offering valuable experience and constructive feedback. The students on the course will be expected to do some preparation in advance of the course and to take notes and keep a journal during the course. Finally I expect the students to reflect on what they have learnt over the 3 days.

What’s the one piece of advice you would give your younger self if you had your time again?

I would tell myself to have patience with myself and with others – it takes time and ‘life experience’ to develop as both a human being and an artist.

In your capacity of MD of RDPC what one single piece of advice would you give for people looking for an agent?

I would say that it is important to develop a professional and working relationship with your agent. You need to be able to speak to them and trust them both professionally and artistically.

In all your years in your previous career, is there someone who stands out which is currently setting the world alight or is one for us to watch?

To be honest I am proud of all my ex students – not just the high flyers. I am most proud of the ones who overcame difficulties and personal issues for succeed – often against the odds.

Fun questions

If you could go back in time when would you go back to and why?

Actually, I would like to do it all again!

If you could have a super power what would you choose and why?

I would definitely like to fly!

You are holding a dinner party choose three famous guests dead or alive to attend?

I would like to invite Muhammad Ali, Bob Dylan, Meryl Streep.

Thank you for your time Michael, fascinating to learn more on your Audition Busters workshop. I believe this will be invaluable to people looking to hone their audition skills and be successful. Who knows where this will take candidates in their careers!


Interview from