Ruby Roth hits First Place and Vogue Italia for the third time

Ruby Caballero is flying the flag for Junior RD with her huge success in her recent photo shoot with Zuzanna Valla.

After recently winning first place in the Ashford Photographic Society Ruby was thrilled to learn that her recent photos appeared in Vogue Italia for the third time in as many months. Check out the winning photos below:


Well done Ruby, keep flying the flag for all at RD Juniors!

Russell Biles and MeMe Detroit look to for their saviour in 2018

2018 is shaping up to be a great year and even more so for Russell Biles and MeMe Detroit who both have had a helping hand in the film My Saviour due for release next year. 


Take a peek at the official trailer for My Saviour here:

Russell makes his appearance on screen in the next feature film of Breezeblock Productions while MeMe Detroit backs up some great performances with her stunning and hard hitting vocals for the films soundtrack. 

Have a watch of MeMe Detroits music video of 'How She Runs' made for the film:

RD Casting is thrilled that not one but two of its great talents are on display for this release next year.

Well done to both Russell and MeMe, we can't wait to see and hear you on the big screen!

Emily Whiting to appear in the Little Match Girl


Emily Whiting will be taking on a classic play performing as Charlotte in the Little Match Girl at the Tabard Theatre.

In a cold Victorian London a Little Match Girl is out on the streets selling matches, not allowed home until she has sold them. Through Arthur, a cocky friendly lad who helps her sell matches, she dreams of a better life. Will he prove to be her saviour? As she strikes matches to keep warm she is magically transported to a make believe world where her wishes come to life. Could this lead to a future with Arthur that our heroine dreams of?

Want to see the full cast list? Check out this awesome article in Broadway World:

With previews happening on the 7th December and performances from 8th to 31st December, bag yourself a ticket and go and watch another RD Talent perform:

Well done Emily! We hope you enjoy every second of your Christmas run.

Madelyn Smedley is unveiled for Football Manager 2018


Thats right, RD Casting's Madelyn Smedley, Top 10 finalist in ABC Discovers UK has been "unveiled" in the latest advert for Football Manager 2018. 

Take a look at the commercial below:

Great work Madelyn and don't worry, we are sure you will find your on screen Prince Charming one day!  

Andrew Hislop to appear in Mac... - The Scottish Play

RD Casting is pleased to announce that Andrew Hislop will be making an appearance in the Icarus Theatre's production of Macbeth starting its run in January 2018.


Set in the 11th century and culminating in an epic battle filled with revenge, justice, and beheadings, Icarus Theatre blends the traditional and the physical to bring to life some of literature’s most vibrant language and characters.

This production centres around the idea that Macbeth himself is suffering from PTSD. Director Max Lewendel comments, "War is hell, and medieval warfare even more so. There is something in the psychology of PTSD that resonates here in a very Hitchcockian kind of way. This world is a supernatural nightmare for Macbeth and I wanted to explore the idea that the horrors of what he has done and seen lurk in every shadow, in every corner."

Shakespeare for the Game of Thrones generation! How cool is that! Sounds super exciting and a must see! Interested in booking a ticket? Well you can do just that right here:

Well done Andrew!

We hope you enjoy playing in every second of this brutal masterpiece. Break a leg from all of us here at RD Casting!

Michael Moor to be a panelist at Monologue Slam UK

Monologue Slam UK! One of the acting events of the year for industry actors to showcase their fantastic talent and this year, RD Casting's owner, Michael Moor, is delighted to have been asked to be one of the panelists. 


The Monologue Slam competition has been good to RD Casting in previous years allowing Michael to talent spot, Andrew Hislop, Sheine Alexander and Madelyn Smedley who was featured in the ABC Discovers campaign reaching the Top 10 finalists.


Keep your eyes peeled for some more fantastic talent Michael and enjoy every second of it. 

Want to know more about Monologue Slam UK, check it out here:

Watch Michael Moor in the 007 Film Octopussy one more time!

That's right, you can watch the head of RD Casting, Michael Moor, on the big screen once more by watching the Institute of Light's showing of Octopussy on 13th November.

Watch as Michael Moor steps up and takes on the legendary Roger Moore toe to toe in this classic 007 film. 

Interested in watching this film as it was intended to be seen, on the big screen. Book yourself a ticket here:

Enjoy reliving the amazing memories of making this famous masterpiece Mike! We will enjoy watching you again in this one!

MeMe Detroit releases new single 'Ashes To Ashes' - November 10th


RD Casting's MeMe Detroit is releasing a new single on November 10th called 'Ashes To Ashes' via her own founded label SoulRock Central Records. As this recent article from Premiere shows, it's cooking up a storm:

The single was recorded with engineer / producer Alastair Jamieson (The Jesus and Mary chain, Duran Duran,) at Park studios, Birmingham and mastered by Jon Astley at Close To The Edge (The Who, Tori Amos, The Rolling Stones, Stereophonics, Judas Priest).

MeMe and the lads have played over 200 gigs across the UK, including a live streamed show in a treehouse, O2 Academy, Jurassic Fields Festival and a recent slot on the main stage at Silverstone. This solid backbone of live experience has helped mould and shape the band into a sonic force not to be missed which is clearly evident in this powerful yet original version of Ashes to Ashes.

Want to listen to this unique guitar driven take on the David Bowie classic. Well you can with this exclusive Soundcloud for RD Casting here:

The band consists of MeMe Detroit, vocals/guitar/synth, Ross Adams, bass and Barney Such on drums.

When choosing to take on such an iconic track as this, I knew that I’d have to make it my own so that’s exactly what I set out to do. Bowie was a true individual who stood out away from the crowds. To me that sends an important message to always be true to yourself and don’t feel you have to be a sheep to society
— MeMe

Catch MeMe Detroit live during November

8th Nov – Pirate live (Exclusive Live streamed show) – Pirate Studios - London

10th Nov – The Finchley Pub (Get in her ears) – London

17th Nov – Percy’s - Whitchurch

25th Nov – The Empire w/Planet Rock Bad Touch & Mollie Marriot - Coventry


Awesome work MeMe Detroit, you sound absolutely fantastic! Good luck with the single release from all of us here at RD Casting.

Eamon Yates embraces The God of Thunder in Ragnarok!

Off the back of Warner Brothers "Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them" RD Casting's very own Eamon Yates is over the moon to see his name rolling among the credits again, this time for his work on Marvel's latest release "Thor:Ragnarok". 


Reviews are coming in thick and fast for Director Taika Waititi's latest masterpiece and critics are buzzing:

Daft as a badger sandwich and twice as funny, this is vintage Waititi, and the boldest, most outrageously fun film Marvel has yet produced.
— Empire Magazine
The Marvel Cinematic Universe’s most audacious entry so far, Thor’s third stand-alone movie goes there with wild, bold choices — and it succeeds, epically, on many levels.
— Common Sense Media

Watch the trailer for Thor:Ragnorak here:

Get yourself down to your local cinema and enjoy this latest Marvel film with a little bit of RD Casting love involved.

Eamon is incredibly proud to be involved with such a well received project as are all at RD Casting! 

Well done Eamon!

April Sullivan sets sail in Mykinos


As April Sullivan sets sail at Mykinos on her 6 month Viking Cruise contract all of us at RD Casting would like to wish her the best of luck and remind her how much she will be missed while she is away.

April was even kind enough to take a quick picture for us before setting off!


Have a little peak at April when she auditioned for The Voice. Listen to the vocals that landed her a Lead Vocalist role. Enjoy every moment April!

Lois Temel returns to the UK from a successful tour

Lois Temel is welcomed back to the UK shores after her successful tour in the US


Lois is now setting her sites toward the future which include filming of Desert River in November and looking to future tour dates for 2018 including potential dates in New Zealand, Australia, Vietnam and back to the US!

Amazing work Lois, keep on working hard and doing what you do oh so well. From all of us at RD Casting, we are proud to be supporting and working with you.

Luke Simnett is following the Yellow Brick Road

RD Castings Luke Simnett is going to be following the Yellow Brick Road all the way to the merry old land of Oz this December as he appears in the Trinity Theatre's production of The Wizard of Oz.


The show will be on stage from 14 Dec - 3 Jan.

Interested in seeing Luke showcase his talent on stage? Book yourself a ticket here:

Well done Luke, enjoy every second on stage this Christmas!

RD Juniors is coming soon!

Hot off the press, read all about it! 

RD Casting is looking to expand its talent to include younger talented actors in its midst. RD Casting owner Michael Moor, alongside Rachel Roff, are currently auditioning and talent spotting for the younger generation with an aim to launch this new service for RD Juniors in early 2018


Think you or someone you know has what it takes to make it to RD Juniors? Get in touch by sending an email to to find out when the next auditions are. 

For all those auditioning, best of luck and hopefully we shall see you on here soon!

Here are some pictures from Wednesday's recent talent workshop for RD Juniors. RD Casting's Michael and Rachel would like to say many thanks to Theatre for Life, Michelle Smith and the wonderful youngsters in Southampton. Thanks to Mag Lepokwska for the photography.


Ruth Lockwood attends a very special concert


Well this may sound like a story but its based on the reality that Ruth Lockwood faced last Sunday. Having heard of Ruth's childhood desire to meet fellow Yorkshire talent, Lesley Garrett, and of Ruth's incredible talent, Lesley herself invited Ruth down to see her live at this special charity event for the Titans Community Foundation and Lost Chord. Needless to say, Ruth jumped at the opportunity and was there in a flash to see her idol perform.

What happened next was the icing on the cake. Ruth was privileged to actually meet Lesley and listen to her wisdom and experience directly. 

Picture the scene, its a Sunday morning, 9:59am, you're waking up all warm and cosy in bed and thinking, 'Do I need to get up, what do I need to do today anyway?' 

The next minute, your phone rings. You consider not answering it and staying in your pj's all day but it's a number you don't recognise and your intrigued at what it could be. Before you know it, you are being invited to an exclusive Opera concert at the Caledonian Club London, all expenses paid, to see your idol since childhood, Lesley Garrett that afternoon! 


Ruth loved every second of this incredible opportunity and is only filled with gratefulness for the incredible opportunity thanking everyone that made one of her dreams become a reality and her bucket list become that little bit smaller.

Congratulations Ruth, well deserved!

April Sullivan is cruising into her new show

RD Casting is pleased to announce that April Sullivan will be joining Blackburn International and David Michael Productions as lead vocalist on the award winning Viking Star

The brand new show opens in November so keep your eyes peeled for updates closer to the time. 


For now, here are the links to the production companies involved for you to enjoy.

Viking Star -

David Michael Productions -

Blackburn International -

Amy Vickers puts on a frightful display at Cheddar Gorge


Amy Vickers of RD Casting is currently putting on a frighteningly ghoulish display with the Natural Theatre Company at Cheddar Gorge from 21st - 29th October. 

This comes after Amy recently completed a two week tour with The Natural Theatre Company and the Developing Heath & Independence charity. The aim was to raise awareness about youth homelessness with a short piece of theatre. Amy visited schools, colleges and pupil referral units in the Bath and Wiltshire area.

Interested in seeing Amy perform at Cheddar Gorge? Find more info here:

Want to know more about The Natural Theatre Company, take a look at their website:

Jordan Sim in Wonderland this Christmas

RD Casting is pleased to announce that the talented Jordan Sim will be appearing in the Northeast Producers christmas pantomime, Alice in Wonderland


What role will he be playing you ask? Well the better question is what role isn't he playing! Jordan will be showing a full display of his skills by playing the White Rabbit, Tweedle Dee, Caterpillar and even the Queen of Hearts! That's one we really want to see...

Interested? Want to know more? Check out the website and book yourself a ticket here:

Well done Jordan for getting this awesome opportunity. Now go and show the world what you can do on that stage!