Lois Temel performs in NYC!

RD Casting's Lois Temel is getting herself ready for her international performance in NYC. Yes that's right NYC!!


As she starts her performances in Beerey, the show itself is starting to receive its first rave reviews as can be seen on this poster for their NYC showings at The Pit Theatre on October 11th and October 12th.


Its got to feel pretty exciting entering into NYC with reviews like that! 

In the area on October 11th and 12th? Why not book yourself a ticket and witness some of the amazing talent that RD Casting is blessed with: http://thepit-nyc.com

Enjoy every second of it Lois, you deserve it!  

RD Casting's International Talent - Pia Ternstrom


Pia Ternstrom is welcomed as one of RD Casting's sensational International artists. Spotted by head of RD Casting, Michael Moor, on his trip to Sweden last year, Pia has a great international career already on the go. 

International success has come to Pia in many forms as you can see below.

Pia appeared in Rikard Bergqvist's Swedish version of Hair which brought together talented young musicians, street artists and a rock band. The entire ensemble sings and dances its way through fifty musical numbers and snappy dialogue in an environment filled with exciting visual effects. Watch a quick clip below:

Further to this, Pia has also recorded a couple of songs with Duo2Much

And here you can see her performing the song Fine from the play Ordinary Days: https://www.facebook.com/itspaulmorris/videos/10153836351391480/

It's fair to say that Pia has a raft of talent within her and is looking forward to an exciting international career with RD Casting.

Glad to have you on board with RD Casting Pia. We can't wait to see what comes next!

Grace Russell - The Fan Carpet Disney Interview

I'm going to guess if I mention the word Disney, you will know what I am talking about and how much of a big deal they are.

Well, versatile actress, singer and interviewer, Grace Russell, got a great opportunity recently to interview the incredible Dan Povenmire and Jeff “Swampy” Marsh about their new Disney show Milo Murphy's Law for The Fan Carpet.

Check the interview out here:

How cool is that! Interviewing such legends in the industry. 

Grace, you aren't just awesome, you are Disney awesome! Well done for making RD Casting super excited and super proud. 

Shame, Shame, Shame - Watch Kate Sketchley

So we all know the infamous scene in Game of Thrones where Cersei walks through the streets followed by cries of Shame, Shame, Shame. But have you ever thought more about Shame. 


Well now you can delve deeper into Shame with RD Castings Kate Sketchley on Friday 22nd September where she performs at Rich Mix in the show Shame - A Double Bill. Come and witness as the troupe take you into a dance-theatre double bill that takes you on a blistering joy-ride through the underbelly of shame.

Take a sneak peek at rehearsals below:

Interested, want to know more? 

Why not go and support Kate by grabbing a ticket to go and see her perform. You may even see the awesome head of RD, Michael Moor, in the audience too: https://www.richmix.org.uk/events/dance/shame-double-bill

Awesome work Kate!

Im on the Telly! - Justin Sysum makes his TV debut

Recent addition to RD Casting, Justin Sysum, has only gone and made his TV debut by featuring in the opening minutes of the Welsh Drama, Bang!

Showing off his surf skills, Justin goes through both his first on-screen kiss and sudden death. It's amazing what you can cram into 2 minutes these days!

Take a quick peek at Justin's performance and excitement here: https://www.facebook.com/justin.thehammer.sysum/videos/1199826793497218/

Watch the full episode here: http://www.s4c.cymru/en/drama/bang/

Well done Justin, great to get your TV debut, you will have to teach us some of those surfing skills. 

Screen Shot 2017-09-16 at 19.54.48.png

Katie Clement Appears in the London Horror Festival

Like a bit of horror? Then you will love the London Horror Festival 2017!

Life couldn't get much better (or scarier) right? Well if you are visiting, why not go and see RD Castings Katie Clements in The Men Who Made Frankensteinhttp://www.oldredliontheatre.co.uk/the-men-who-made-frankenstein.html

Title Banner Image TMWMF.jpg

An original take on Mary Shelley’s classic tale, The Men Who Made Frankenstein is a grim body horror exploring the origins of Frankenstein’s body bits.

Sounds horror-rific! (um.... taxi)

Go get them Katie and smash it or is it get mutilated? Whatever it is, enjoy it!

Lois Temel joins RD and is off to a flying start but she needs your support!

RD Casting is proud to welcome aboard the talent that is Lois Temel

A seasoned actress, you can see Lois performing live in the play Beerey that is touring the country now.


Beerey is the true story of one family’s fight for justice, and to stand strong together. Honest, raw, funny and heartbreaking,the play tells the usually hidden story of the impact of a wrongful conviction on the family members left behind.

Fancy going to watch, check out where the tour is going here: http://www.loistemel.com/beerey/

Why not help Lois out and help fund her project: https://www.gofundme.com/Beerey

Go on Lois! Keep going from strength to strength and happy to have you on board the RD Casting Talent Train!

Elaine O'Dwyer gets rave reviews at Camden Fringe with 18-22, Attractive, Insecure

What have you been doing recently? Well if you are Elaine O'Dwyer from RD Casting, then you will have been performing at the Camden Fringe in the show 18-22, Attractive, Insecure.

I don't know about you but I would be itching to find out what people thought about the show after working so hard for it. Will people enjoy it? Will they be impressed? Can they see the hard work shining through?

I loved and hated both characters in equal measure, at once wanting them to be real and glad that I don’t have to live with them - a sure sign that Leyshon and O’Dwyer portrayed real, flawed humans with conflicting priorities. The sheer, unwavering attention to detail - (Elaine O’Dwyer) Maire’s untidiness vs Carys’ orderliness, for instance - served to create a feeling of whole characters, with qualities and idiosyncrasies far beyond what was absolutely necessary. I found myself simultaneously drawn to the spontaneity of Maire, and suspicious of what might come next in her racing mind, just as I warmed to Carys’ more particular ways, and resented the inevitable coldness and detachment that they could bring.
— View From The Gods - ★★★★★

Simply amazing reviews and ones to be truly in awe of and proud of receiving. Well done Elaine! Keep going from strength to strength. 

Can't wait to see what your next epic adventure is...

Chris Mawson is interviewed about The Crossing Place


RD Casting's very own Chris Mawson was recently interviewed about his Theatre Company, Romantika, and their latest production of The Crossing Place at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Based on the poetry of Tomas Tranströmer, The Crossing Place will run at Upperchurch in Summerhall for the entire run. 10.30 PM every night!

Watch the video of Chris' interview here

In the area and fancy popping in to see Chris live? Buy Tickets here: https://festival17.summerhall.co.uk/event/the-crossing-place-romantika/


Madelyn Smedley has only gone and made ABC Discovers UK Top 10!

RD Castings Madelyn Smedley has smashed it and became a top 10 Finalist in the recent ABC Discovers UK competition!

ABC Discovers UK Top 10

Originally entering after her friend made her aware of the competition on twitter, Madelyn quickly created a self tape and submitted. This is ABC's first year for this competition and the winner gets a 1 year contract on an ABC TV Series. How cool is that!?

Want to check out Madelyn's entry. See hers and the other finalists here: https://abcdiscoversuk.com

Well done Maddy, we are all super excited for you here at RD Casting!

Ruth Lockwood performs in Charity Concert - Save The Grand

RD Castings very own, Ruth Lockwood has a special gig lined up in November at Doncaster's Diamond Live Lounge on the 21st November. 

Performing in the charity concert titled, "Save The Grand", Ruth is doing what she can to help the concerts aim of raising money to purchase and restore the Doncaster Grand Theatre that has fallen into disrepair over time. 

The event is happening on the 21st of December so if you are nearby, please do what you can to help out such a great cause. 

Well done Ruth for making us proud here at RD Casting

www.friends.doncastergrand.uk - Book tickets now.

Luke Simnett Performs at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 'The Local'

Are you heading to the Edinburgh Fringe this year? Planning to take in a show or two? Why not go and see Luke Simnett of RD Casting in the show about the demise of Britains local pubs in a play called the Local?

What is the local about, read for yourself: 

Liz has managed her pub for over 15 years, only to be told that it's been sold to a property developer who plans to shut it down and put her out of a job. With her regulars, Liz starts a campaign to save her pub, but can she beat a system that's beaten so many before? A new musical about community, change and the demise of the Great British pub.

Want to know more or book tickets?

Check it out and support Luke and RD Casting now: https://tickets.edfringe.com/whats-on/local

Chris Mawson drives his theatre companies forward with new productions

Folks at RD Casting love to get involved with all things acting and this is evident with RD Castings Chris Mawson. He doesn't sit still for a second. The sheer amount of productions his two theatre companies are producing. 

Originally founded in Tallinn, Estonia, Romantika is a theatre, performance, and visual arts company based in London, UK.

With performers and a creative team from both the UK and Sweden, Romantika aims to create unique, visually striking and international performance work that reflects our current time. 

All productions are devised by the performers in the ensemble.



RD Castings Akari Ackerman enjoys shoot on undisclosed project

RD Castings Akari Ackerman has done well to secure a roll on the production...well, we can't actually say just yet! 

But here is a fantastic picture of Akari getting ready to go on to the set. 


Well done Akari, we all hope you smashed it on set! All of us here are very proud of you. 

Once we can release more details we will. Watch this space....

RD Casting Welcomes Justin 'The Hammer' Sysum to its Talent Base

RD Casting is pleased to welcome on board Justin 'The Hammer' Sysum to its talent base. 

Justin is an actor and successful pro-wrestler featured on WWE and is building on his strengths as an action film actor. You may recognise him most recently as Hawkeye on the Marvel Live european tour where he put his action and stunt specialisms to good use. 

Justin will be appearing as the role of Gwyn in the Welsh drama Bang later on this year. 

Congratulations Justin on joining this fantastic family of talent. We are very excited to have you on board. 

Great Success with RD Castings Integrated Industry Training Workshop

RD Casting is an agency dedicated to developing its talent and nurturing it as it grows. As such it is no surprise that the recent Integrated Industry Training (IIT) held by RD Casting affiliates Michael Moor (Head of RD Casting), Stephen King (Vocal Coach) and Ameer Choudrie (Actor) was a roaring success.

The 3 day course aimed at preparing students for drama school auditions was held at the prestigious Henley College and focused on 3 areas of training: 

  • Acting Prep
  • Song and Voice
  • Dance and Performance

Certified upon their completion, the successful cohorts were left with the knowledge and support to take on those critical auditions.

Due to the huge success of this endeavour to support the wider industry, RD Casting are actively looking for locations for both 1 day and 3 day workshops to further help the industry. 

All offers will be greatly received and can be presented by emailing RD Casting at: info@rd-casting.com