Ruth Lockwood attends a very special concert


Well this may sound like a story but its based on the reality that Ruth Lockwood faced last Sunday. Having heard of Ruth's childhood desire to meet fellow Yorkshire talent, Lesley Garrett, and of Ruth's incredible talent, Lesley herself invited Ruth down to see her live at this special charity event for the Titans Community Foundation and Lost Chord. Needless to say, Ruth jumped at the opportunity and was there in a flash to see her idol perform.

What happened next was the icing on the cake. Ruth was privileged to actually meet Lesley and listen to her wisdom and experience directly. 

Picture the scene, its a Sunday morning, 9:59am, you're waking up all warm and cosy in bed and thinking, 'Do I need to get up, what do I need to do today anyway?' 

The next minute, your phone rings. You consider not answering it and staying in your pj's all day but it's a number you don't recognise and your intrigued at what it could be. Before you know it, you are being invited to an exclusive Opera concert at the Caledonian Club London, all expenses paid, to see your idol since childhood, Lesley Garrett that afternoon! 


Ruth loved every second of this incredible opportunity and is only filled with gratefulness for the incredible opportunity thanking everyone that made one of her dreams become a reality and her bucket list become that little bit smaller.

Congratulations Ruth, well deserved!