Andrew Hislop to appear in Mac... - The Scottish Play

RD Casting is pleased to announce that Andrew Hislop will be making an appearance in the Icarus Theatre's production of Macbeth starting its run in January 2018.


Set in the 11th century and culminating in an epic battle filled with revenge, justice, and beheadings, Icarus Theatre blends the traditional and the physical to bring to life some of literature’s most vibrant language and characters.

This production centres around the idea that Macbeth himself is suffering from PTSD. Director Max Lewendel comments, "War is hell, and medieval warfare even more so. There is something in the psychology of PTSD that resonates here in a very Hitchcockian kind of way. This world is a supernatural nightmare for Macbeth and I wanted to explore the idea that the horrors of what he has done and seen lurk in every shadow, in every corner."

Shakespeare for the Game of Thrones generation! How cool is that! Sounds super exciting and a must see! Interested in booking a ticket? Well you can do just that right here:

Well done Andrew!

We hope you enjoy playing in every second of this brutal masterpiece. Break a leg from all of us here at RD Casting!