Sexual Harassment, its a big deal! Joseph Meighan helps us become aware of it


Its fair to say that the world has been a pretty scary place this past few years and the theme of sexual harassment has been a big talking point, especially in the arts! 

Can we do something about it? The answer is yes and one person doing all he can to help point the spotlight on right and wrong on this taboo subject is Joseph Meighan. Joe is performing up and down the country teaching 16-18 year olds about sexual harassment and assault as part of the Dolls Eye Theatre productions.

The productions have been received so well that even Channel 5 News covered it:

Check out this great article about the impact this great piece of theatre is having:

Well done Joe! From all of us here at RD Casting, we really couldn't be prouder of you doing your bit to combat this tough subject. 

Do your bit and tweet about it using the hashtag: #ThatsHarassment