Elaine O'Dwyer gets rave reviews at Camden Fringe with 18-22, Attractive, Insecure

What have you been doing recently? Well if you are Elaine O'Dwyer from RD Casting, then you will have been performing at the Camden Fringe in the show 18-22, Attractive, Insecure.

I don't know about you but I would be itching to find out what people thought about the show after working so hard for it. Will people enjoy it? Will they be impressed? Can they see the hard work shining through?

I loved and hated both characters in equal measure, at once wanting them to be real and glad that I don’t have to live with them - a sure sign that Leyshon and O’Dwyer portrayed real, flawed humans with conflicting priorities. The sheer, unwavering attention to detail - (Elaine O’Dwyer) Maire’s untidiness vs Carys’ orderliness, for instance - served to create a feeling of whole characters, with qualities and idiosyncrasies far beyond what was absolutely necessary. I found myself simultaneously drawn to the spontaneity of Maire, and suspicious of what might come next in her racing mind, just as I warmed to Carys’ more particular ways, and resented the inevitable coldness and detachment that they could bring.
— View From The Gods - ★★★★★

Simply amazing reviews and ones to be truly in awe of and proud of receiving. Well done Elaine! Keep going from strength to strength. 

Can't wait to see what your next epic adventure is...