Shame, Shame, Shame - Watch Kate Sketchley

So we all know the infamous scene in Game of Thrones where Cersei walks through the streets followed by cries of Shame, Shame, Shame. But have you ever thought more about Shame. 


Well now you can delve deeper into Shame with RD Castings Kate Sketchley on Friday 22nd September where she performs at Rich Mix in the show Shame - A Double Bill. Come and witness as the troupe take you into a dance-theatre double bill that takes you on a blistering joy-ride through the underbelly of shame.

Take a sneak peek at rehearsals below:

Interested, want to know more? 

Why not go and support Kate by grabbing a ticket to go and see her perform. You may even see the awesome head of RD, Michael Moor, in the audience too:

Awesome work Kate!