Kate Sketchley appears in the all female production of The Tempest

That's right, you read correctly, an all female production of The Tempest and RD's very own Kate Sketchley is appearing in it!


Just how well does this idea work in principal, well check the reviews here:

A story of treachery, ambition and love, The Tempest is a play that requires close attention. Prepare to enter Prospero’s illusion that “We are such stuff that dreams are made on” to be compensated with a beautiful tale, played by a wonderful cast.
— The Upcoming
A strong and supportive cast each had moments of sparkling stage presence, and director Dylan Lincoln clearly cares about the importance of Shakespeare’s carefully created characters. It is well-worth a watch.
— The Spy In The Stalls

See some of the full reviews here:



This unique production is still running. Buy your tickets here: http://www.brockleyjack.co.uk/portfolio/the-tempest/

Well done Kate! Enjoy every second of this great production knowing you have full support from all of us here at RD Casting!